The American Dental Association® recommends that children receive an oral examination by age 1.

For children under 3 years of age, the first visit is usually a consultation appointment.

This may be problem-focused, recommended by the pediatrician or just a routine introductory visit to our dental office to establish a dental home. For very young children, we may perform a “lap exam,” in which the Dentist, with the help of a parent, will do a quick oral screening. We want to provide parents and/or caregivers the proper information on how to care for the child’s developing dentition and minimize the risk of decay. Diet, health history, habits, and home care will all be discussed. 

Dr. Lee and Dr. Sengel recommend that routine dental cleaning appointments begin at age 3.

At this age, most children have their full complement of primary teeth. This is also the age at which attention, vocabulary, and cooperation promote the most positive outcome for initial cleaning appointments. We will do everything possible to start your child off on a happy healthy path. 

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