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Our team at Children’s Dentistry of Atlanta believes that helping kids learn to love coming to the dentist is vital to their long-term oral health. Not only do we provide kids with exceptional dental services, but our team makes a point of making sure that your child’s first visit to the dentist is a fun and enjoyable experience that helps them learn to love taking care of their teeth! Many adult patients who avoid coming to the dentist or who otherwise have dental phobias may have had negative dental experiences in the past. These early negative experiences can impact one’s oral health for years to come, which is why our team is passionate about making dentistry both fun and educational. 

Early Steps to Take

Children should generally see the dentist for the first time by their first birthday. As your child’s first baby teeth erupt, it’s vital that your dentist examine these teeth to ensure proper oral development, as well as to spot any potential oral health concerns early on. 

Your Child’s First Teeth

Primary teeth, or “baby teeth,” appear when a child is six to twelve months old, and your child may experience gum soreness when these first teeth appear – this is the reason for teething, and can be addressed by gently massaging your child’s gums with your finger. These teeth are then lost and permanent, “adult” teeth teeth grow in their place. 

Developing Strong Oral Health

It’s vital that children develop strong oral health habits from a young age to ensure a healthy smile for the rest of their lives. Our team at Children’s Dentistry of Atlanta is passionate about teaching kids how to build strong oral health habits, helping them best care for teeth at home throughout their childhood. When your child’s first teeth begin to erupt, look at these teeth every week to two weeks for plaque buildup and decay, the hallmark of which is brown discoloration on the teeth and gums. It’s important that children begin brushing regularly to establish strong oral health from an early age. Children at least two years of age should brush with a fluoridated toothpaste using a soft-bristled toothbrush and should floss daily with the help of an adult caregiver. Our team at Children’s Dentistry of Atlanta teaches children effective brushing techniques to best help them protect their smiles at home. We also discuss flossing technique with children in order to help them establish this vital aspect of oral health early in life. 

The Importance of Routine Hygiene Visits

Children should visit the dentist for the first time by their first birthday and schedule routine hygiene visits every six months thereafter. Especially with children, hygiene visits give our team the opportunity to spot signs of potential oral health complications before they develop into more serious problems, while also teaching children about proper brushing and flossing technique. Your child may also benefit from preventative treatments such as fluoride, dental sealants, and other preventative care. Our team at Children’s Dentistry of Atlanta can help parents decide which preventative treatments may be the most beneficial for their child. 

Speak with our team at Children’s Dentistry of Atlanta today to learn more about preventative dentistry and to book your child’s next hygiene appointment with our team!

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